SeMA Journal best paper award

The SeMA Journal Best Paper Award intends to promote the publication of high quality scientific papers and reviews in Applied Mathematics. All papers published in the SeMA Journal during the previous year are elegible for the prize. The prize carries a cash award of 1500 Euros and a diploma.

Older versions of this prize, before the SeMA Journal was established, were the  Premio de Divulgación, awarded from  2000 to 2008, and the  Premio al mejor artículo del Boletín de SeMA, in  2009-2010.

Call for SeMA best paper award 2017

Last award

S. Ariche, C. De Coster,  S. Nicaise

Regularity of solutions of elliptic or parabolic problems with Dirac measures as data. SEMA Journal December 2016 Volume 73, Issue 4, pp 379–426

In this paper the authors study the Laplace and heat equations with Dirac right-hand side. They prove some regularity results in a scale of weighted Sobolev spaces, the weight being the distance to the support of the right-hand side. Model situations in dimension three are treated by using Fourier, Laplace or Mellin technique that reduces the problem to a Helmholtz problem in two dimension. Hence the key point stays on estimates for the solution of the Helmholtz problem in standard or weighted Sobolev spaces which are uniform with respect to the parameter.

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