Best thesis ECCOMAS 2017

Motivation of SEMA proposal for ECCOMAS award for the best thesis of 2017 on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering

The SEMA selection committee has decided to present as candidate the Ph D Thesis Phase-field modelling and isogeometric analysis of cell crawling” Dr. Adrian Moure Rosende, Universidad de La Coruña

This proposal is based on the following criteria:

  • The clear orientation of the thesis to applied sciences and engineering
  • Its high scientific level and mathematical quality
  • The innovative character as well as the originality of the covered topic and the employed techniques therein
  • The high quality curriculum vitae of the candidate
The selection committee found a very high scientific level in all the presented theses. Among them, the one by Dr. Moure Rosende was considered as the better fitted to the selection criteria mentioned previously. The committee has valued the relevant contributions to cancer grow modelling, the use of numerical techniques for solving the corresponding PDE systems, and the quality of the simulations. These results are supported by a number of publications in first level international journals and presentations in international conferences. All in all, the committee considers that this PhD thesis can be rated as excellent.